If you’ve been into 3D still photos for a while, no doubt you’ve come to love StereoPhoto Maker, a great (free) Windows based tool for aligning, cropping, correcting and adjusting 3D digital pictures. But when you’re done fooling with the pixels, how can you share them with the world? Everybody seems to have a different 3D viewing system.

Not long ago, I ran across Phereo.com, a new (free) 3D photo sharing site (think Flickr, but for stereoscopic images.) You can upload stereoscopic photos in a variety of formats, and then anyone can view them in a wide selection (their selection) of formats and sizes.

Phereo is still in public beta testing, but they’ve said that it comes out of beta on Nov. 1. Looks like it’s hosted on Amazon EC2, so I assume there’s plenty of storage and horsepower to back it up.

Phereo 3D images can be embedded in your own web pages. That alone got me wound up enough to write and publish 3D Pix, a WordPress plugin which handles all the embedding work and upgrades the WordPress post editor with an “Insert 3D Pix” button to make posting super simple.

All these photos were shot with my Fuji W3 at 10 megapixels per eye, but the W3 is the subject of another (forthcoming) post. Until then….