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Recent Job Posting: Seeking – Principal Teledildonics Integration Engineer

According to several women writers, a hot hi-tech hiring wave will be seeking: Teledildonics Integration Engineers and Fleshlight API Programmers (FAPs.) While porn has been trying to edge into Virtual Reality Sex, and VR keeps trying to penetrate the porn market, maybe the moment for this market to explode has finally come. As with most provocative blogs, the real meat of interest is in the comments sections of these posts. Let’s just say it’s a sausage fest.

We all know what enabled the VCR to become ubiquitous. One marketing school of thought foresees being virtually jacked-in as the app which will put a Rift in every home.

Fruzsina Eordogh evaluates the state of the art in VR porn (NSFW):

The porn of the future is titillating. As virtual reality matures, we’ll be aroused in three-dimensional immersive alternative realities, interacting with super-lifelike porn stars customized to our taste. People will look back on our passive and lonely 2D smut and pity us.

Retired adult performer Aurora Snow, in “In-Your-Face 3D is the Future of Porn“, adds to the hype.

A webcam girl could offer a “hands on” interactive session without ever having to leave the bedroom or swap bodily fluids. A porn star could give an explicit how-to tutorial to a couple a thousand miles away. The world of porn is about to change… All joking aside, what was once considered an expensive gimmick (VR) is on the verge of going mainstream.

And Gina Lynn (not the porn star) tells us The 10 Real Reasons Why Geeks Make Better Lovers. Numero uno: “Geeks build it so you will come!”

Geek lovers combine a well-developed and oft-exercised erotic imagination with their physical technique. It isn’t a big leap from “I’m a level-13 thief, evil-aligned” to “I’m the prison warden and you’re the new detainee.”

VRtifacts has covered 25 years of predictions that Virtual Sex will be the killer app.


Virtual Reality (1991) – “Many Believe It Will Revolutionize The Way We Live”

ABC Primetime covers the VR scene in Sept. 1991. Although this news report conflates computer animation footage with Virtual Reality, it also features interviews with Jon Waldern, Fred Brooks, Howard Rheingold, Mike McGreevey, and C L Dodgson (virtually, of course.) With the advantage of hindsight, it’s interesting to see which predictions from 23 years ago have panned out and which are way out in left field.

… and from the where-are-they-now club, we get a brief glimpse of video footage from Symbolics Inc. (remember LISP?), a hot up-and-comer in computer graphics back in the day.

Platypus Headsets?

The Science Channel interviews Jaron Lanier who shows off some wide field of view headsets from the late 80’s. Jaron feels like a platypus when wearing one of these JumboTrons. The narrator’s conclusion (and Jaron’s as well): The state of the art in VR hasn’t progressed too much further.

(A tip of the hat to Aphradonis over at mtbs3d.com for finding this little gem!)


Flashback To The ’40s

We all know that the 1950’s were the golden age of 3D movies, Hollywood’s attempt to fend off the rapidly growing television audience. Their 3D thrust was short lived, and with a few exceptions, we enjoyed almost 50 years of 2D bliss. This time around 3D is harder to avoid… TV has it too! For those of you who want to preserve your 2D way of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, Amazon now offers 2D Glasses, a simple way to revert passive 3D systems for 2D viewing. And who says the world isn’t flat?

2D Glasses

2D Glasses

Imagine There is VR and You Don’t Even Realize it…

I got some comments and messages from people complaining: “Ok there is a 3D wave, but i don’t see VR.”  So… I thought I’d write expand on the topic a bit more. VR is definitely in the media and in the movies again. “But where?” – you might ask.

VR is back in Hollywood – but, as usual, it has advanced somewhat for the silver screen; its more high tech, looks cooler, and seems even more improbable. Hollywood needs that. If film makers wanna give the impression of something being futuristic they don’t tend to take a 10 year old laptop from the shelf, they mock it up in cardboard, spray paint, and green screen to make it look cool. They also attempt to predict future technology: “This is how it’s gonna evolve in XX years”. We call that Science Fiction. Let’s look at how hollywood has resurrected VR and pimped it for some recent movies – can you guess which ones?

Let’s start with the world’s new favorite – Avatar. The movie plays in the distant future, so they had to fluff the VR a lot to make it look truly evolved. In the movie Jake controls his “Avatar” through machinery that is not really explained much further, but it seems to be some sort of advanced VR cryo chamber. To sustain our suspension of disbelief in Cameron’s future (casual 90’s VR would have looked a bit old fashioned) the idea of Virtual Reality was extended so that our heros (and vicariously, the audience, through 3D) get full immersion complete with the impression of body feedback and movement. Maybe one day it will be feasible to “bypass” the nerves and instead of making one’s legs move, the nerve signals are rerouted to some computer which will accurately render your leg in 3D space. In Avatar it goes even one step further – taking VR from cyberspace back into reality – the controlled “Avatar” is – unlike in our current VR setups – taken back to reality, some kind of humanoid Robot moving through your neighborhood. In terms of overall credibility, the  FilthyCritic sums up Avatar nicely.

The next movie could be Avatar 2 – judging from the vision of future VR portrayed – but it surprisingly is completely independent and has nothing to do with Avatar. Surprisingly the idea is exactly the same – lay down on an unexplained cryo chair and be able to fully control your robot’s body. “Surrogates” stars Bruce Willis who is hunting down the criminals that hacked in VR systems, changing their programs so that, if your robot dies, you also die in the non-virtual world… with considerable gore, blood streaming from your eyes and ears, and certainly ruining the VR headset forever.

The third movie is called “Gamer“. In this movie some rotten prisoners are altered by nanotech techniques so that someone else can take over their movements and see from their eyes. The person controlling the con-avatar is not wearing a VR headset – but instead, humorously using a CAVE – a quite uncommon form of VR where all walls of a room are turned into screens (Usually with multiple projectors), producing an excellent immersive 3D experience. The film’s vision goes even further: non-cons also “work” as willing VR slaves by their own choice, which seems a bit far off from today’s ethics.
To sum up, I’d say that Hollywood has not totally forgotten about VR, they’ve just advanced it a (tiny) bit.