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Arcade “Player Retainer” – HeadGames VR2000

IAPPA 1999 brought us another stand-up VR system from New York based HeadGames, the VR2000. Based on the Forte consumer head mounted display, the VR2000 also featured the “Player Retainer.” Initially I thought this was some special magic which ensured repeat play, as HeadGames projected up to $3,000/mo. revenue for this $25k system. To my chagrin the retention system is a waist high railing which keeps players from falling over. Good move!


If anyone knows what became of HeadGames, add a comment below. The Wayback Machine shows them falling off the grid in 2001.

A Sweet Ride – IAAPA ’94

By 1994 the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) exhibition floor was packed with VR systems. As a potential marketplace, blood was in the water and you couldn’t tell the fish from the sharks. With a very few exceptions most of these companies had been chewed up, eaten and excreted as waste by the ’95 or ’96 show.

Motion platforms were very much the rage; safety less so by the looks of this system:

Notice he’s wearing dark shorts…

And a couple more motion platforms: